Saturday, 8 December 2012

Farmer's Christmas Parade of Lights!!!

Every year for the past 11 years some of the farmers in my area have got together to put on a Christmas parade. It is the best parade I've been to in a while because of it's simplicity. It is also short and sweet. :)

Sharon and Poppy on the side of the road.

Sharon and I go and stand in the dark on the side of a road in a small town/village and watch with the kids and their families. It goes right by people's homes so they have visitors come for dinner and stand to watch the parade.
They carry a generator on the wagon that they pull behind them, or in the bucket in front of the tractor.

We found out about it while talking to a farmer where we buy our potatoes  and we try to make it every year. I even went to the parade then drove to a quilting class and tried to quilt with frozen fingers, toes and nose. My machine needed warming up time so luckily they make coffee!!! I'm still learning to use my DLSR camera so these are the best pictures I could take. Sharon might have a video on her phone she will add later. Have fun!


YIKES!!! - we are having so much fun with our technology!!!! We got the message that we ran out of space for pictures. So after some research I found out I have to go to Picassa and change the size of the photos to 800 x800 in order to post more pictures. While I was sitting and going through my Picassa album the wireless modem stopped working. Argggggghhhhh!!!! So I call my internet provider and it turns out the power cord isn't working and "Mame if you had called before 6 PM we could have had your new cord to you by tomorrow but because of the lateness of the hour it won't be coming until Monday." Sorry I have a life and was out and didn't notice the wireless wasn't working until I got home!!! (Too sarcastic?)

So we are sitting at Starbucks and their wireless isn't strong enough for me to edit pictures. Well I can get 4 done an hour but.... so I won't have photos for you until Monday ish :(

I've just changed the size of 300 photos in my Picassa album - so now I can add a few of the photos I wanted to add to this entry!

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  1. parade loks wonderful... we have The Round Table charity here (UK), every year the have a float that looks like a chimney ,Santa sits in it and throws sweets while his helpers collects letters and donations ... they buy presents for under privillaged children xx

    You only realy appreciate how much you use your internet... when its NOT there xx

    Hope you are back to normal soon x