Sunday, 23 December 2012

Containing the Wave and the Mess!

After a busy day out visiting a farm to buy goats cheese.  Sharon, my Mum and I traveled through many small towns and stopped in several places to Christmas shop and eat lunch. We had pizza at a little place called Jim's Pizzeria. The sauce was amazing and we have now found where we will eat when we stop in Port Hope.

I added the 2" border to the 4 blocks. I am happy with the red fabric around the block. My next step is to add another section of white fabric between the blocks and on the outside. Then I will be able to start quilting it!

We inherited a teak table and hutch set from my Mum when she moved into an apartment recently. It  had to be put into my sewing area because it is the only room with a wall big enough for the hutch, so I am using it for my sewing storage. It means I've had to change some storage containers to make it attractive and usable. I found glass jars at Winners and I've stored my zippers and fasteners in the medium and small jar.
 I bought a file holder and used it to store my rulers on top of the hutch.

 In Loblaws I found a large glass jar and placed in it, my Nana's and Mum's buttons they collected over the years.

What cool things do you use to store your sewing supplies?


  1. I love buttons in glass jars. I have a big fish bowl with mini yarn balls in it ; )
    Merry Christmas

  2. Love the waves and you are nicely organized.