Sunday, 11 November 2012

Randon Name Generator Aussie Style!

We weren't sure how to use a Randon Number Generator tool so we created our own. Poppy loves paper, she grabs it, runs away and eats it. She almost taunts us with the paper as if daring us to chase her!  Cheeky pup!  We have learned to never leave important papers lying on the coffee table after she ate my Mum's will we were reading over for her.  Luckily for us it was a copy.

We thought we'd get Poppy involved in the blog since she was feeling a little left out. 
Well actually, this is her Sunday morning all day position!

We wrote all the names of the people who left comments and are Followers on a square of paper. Then we crumpled them up in a ball. 
They were thoroughly mixed up and placed on the floor in a row. 

The first time we did this poppy took 2 balls
(she's so quick)

 so we did it again, 

 but put the papers in a crowd and had a cookie at the ready.

Once she grabbed one we offered her the cookie and we got our winning name. 

I know it is hard to read it but it says Becky!!! 
We will be emailing Becky tonight to ask for a mailing address so we can send her the prize. Congratulations to Becky and a big thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever blog give away. 
A special thanks to our Randon Number Generator...

Miss Poppy!


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