Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My First Quilt Presentation

Last week the Art teacher asked me to talk to her grade 8 classes about my quilting. She wanted me to talk about my background, influences, materials/tools and why I use them. I spent a lot of the weekend going through my quilts and quilt tops as well as my fabric and tools. I took pictures and scanned old slides into my computer. I made a power point and packed 2 large tubs (with 4 or 5 more quilts stacked on top) I found some examples of old hobbies ( folk art, pottery, costumes, clothing) to show my many influences. I also found pictures of me in dresses my Mum had made. That made the kids and some teachers giggle when they saw me as a little girl.
My Dad made that doll house for Christmas. (I think he made the table too) It had electric lights in the ceilings. My Mum did all the wall papering.

My first and only piano recital! That tree is now taller than the house!

On the weekend I had had some problems with my back door of my car. It kept coming up as not closed on the dashboard. I left it, and on Monday morning drove to work loaded down with quilts, computer, lunch, purse and coffee cup and headed off to work. My overhead light stayed on the whole way there and my car binged every time I stopped at a light. When I got to work and turned off the car the car locked and everything turned off.

At the end of the day I though I should drop in to the dealer and see if they could do a quick fix. They ended up renting a car for me (covered under my extended warranty) and driving me to the car rental place. Don't forget I had all my quilting stuff with me and my computer... They packed everything into the car and drove me there, then unpacked me. The rental company helped me pack everything into the rental car and off I went. Everyone was very nice and there was some good old teasing about my load!
Everything is working now and I like my car again. The poor thing heard some unkind words over the last few days. :(

Here are a few of the slides I shared with the students,
Fabrics, they thought the names were funny especially when I told them about honey buns!

Resources, they couldn't quite get what a guild was.


Interestingly I had more questions from boys than girls but everyone loved the lap quilt I passed around with the Minkey on the back. I didn't think it was coming back home.

I think they were impressed, I've had a lot of questions since the presentation. Some of the students recognized the wall hangings because I hang a new one in my Library each month.

Funny these 2 quilt tops got the biggest reaction...

My first Bargello.
This top is finished now, waiting to be quilted.

They wanted to know how long a quilt took and were surprised at the length of time but I explained I do have a day job. We laughed when I said it got in the way of my quilting. One of the girls said that school got in the way of her blogging!
The thing that impressed them the most was that I was a blogger!

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