Sunday, 14 October 2012

Creativ Festival Toronto

Sharon and I are on our way to the Creativ Festival in downtown Toronto. There will be all kinds of craft booths, beading, stamping, crochet, knitting, dress making and of course quilting. Considering Sharon doesn't really do any of these things she is the most amazing sister for coming with me!

I hope to pick up some thread for Mrs. Biggins and maybe I'll see Angela Walters new books there too. If I can take pictures with my phone I'll share them when I get home.

What are you doing today?

Here are the few pictures I was able to snap with my iPhone, not very clear due to number of people. Took us 2 1/2 hours to do  40min drive. The marathon was on and roads were closed. Next year I will go on a Saturday if the Marathon is on at the same time!

I was able to pick up thread for Mrs. Biggins and the Hex-N-More ruler by Julie Herman.

Amazing quilt that caught my eye, also because I love crows!
The quilt information.

This quilt is made of 1" squares and there are around 30,000 squares! Couldn't find the quilt maker information but it was displayed by the Markham Art and Craft group.

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  1. Those quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing.