Monday, 3 September 2012


The end of the summer always comes at a race.  It's the time to finish up projects, freeze and can produce, last chance for summer drives, organize schedules for returning to work and getting our heads in a different mind space.  I think that has been the hardest one this year.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having no schedules, coming and going as each day presented itself, and choosing what to do with our days.  It's unlikely to be like that until next summer. 

So on the last day of summer holidays let's catch up!  First of all, thank you for so many kind comments on our tomato sauce and ketchup.  I'm lucky to have a wonderful friend, Josie, who along with her mom really helped us out by finding out where we could buy our Spremy Tomato Mill without having to venture in to downtown Toronto - not my idea of fun.  We did 3 bushels but her family usually does around 16-18 bushels!  I'm in awe of how her family comes and works together for a weekend to produce enough sauce for everyone for the following year.  I will post our sauce and ketchup recipes later this week.  We want to make sure we are still loving the flavour or what changes we would make next year. 

Our favourite corn farmers, Kent Farms, have grown the sweetest corn ever.  We cook it in boiling water and then eat it naked - no butter, salt or seasonings - it is the best corn ever!  Each Friday we buy a dozen corn which is a little much for just the two of us but we cooked it all up, eat what we can for dinner and then bag the rest to add to meals for the rest of the week.  This week I had left over potatoes that needed to be used up so along with some other veggies and spices - voila dinner!

As the corn was so sweet I wanted to kick the flavour up a little so I added some True North (By Southwest) spice mix.  It has a smokey-sweet maple flavour with some real kick in the pants SW spices mixed in.  Perfect.  We had some left over so we ate it with eggs for breakfast.  I am so glad we put Kent Farm corn (5 dozen)  in the freezer for the winter, what a treat it will be!

I have been experimenting with green tomatoes.  First of all, I must confess, I actually don't like tomatoes!  As the pigeon would say, "True story!"  I can eat them in sandwiches, on burgers, chopped very tiny in pasta but generally, yuck!    Barb and Mum wanted some fried green tomatoes so I said that I would make some for dinner and I discovered they have a different flavour from their red cousins.  I drenched them in whole wheat flour, then in egg, and then in Panko bread crumbs with some cayenne and red pepper flakes mixed in.  I also had some left over beets so I sliced them up and cooked them the same way.  Yummy!  Both were so delicious but spicy hot so some cool Tzatziki helped to mellow them out as did the ice cold beer!

We eat a lot of beets in the winter so this recipe will be tucked away for one of those gloomy weeks when the sun hides and the winds blow hard - a little reminder of the summer season.

Now, I'm not done yet.  During the summer I never bake bread, cookies or roast vegetables because it's just too darn hot and also I hate heating the whole oven/house when I'm making just one small thing.  Even in the cool months I try to make a few things in the oven either at the same time or one right after another in order to save on power.  I have always wanted to make pies, I have some horror stories from my younger days hense Barb laughing in the background, but we can't eat a whole pie before it goes off so we splurged and bought ourselves a Breville pie maker! 
The ingredients in the pie need to be fully cooked as the machine itself cooks only the pastry and heats the filling.  Buying an appliance that only does one job usually goes against my thinking but we've been experimenting and have baked cookies, fruit pies and have figured out recipes for mushroom and leek pies, samosas, quiche and muffins.  Last night we made 2 blueberry pies and 2 peach and blackberry pies.  I made enough dough so I could put half in the freezer for another day.  I can imagine having company for dinner and presenting fresh baked individual pies for everyone. 

The pastry cutters come with the machine so everything is simple.

Not quite finished cooking yet!  They smell heavenly!


Thanks for catching up with me!
Eat well!

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