Monday, 10 September 2012

Tyrone Mill

One of our favourite places to visit is Tyrone Mills in north Durham Region.  It's an old mill that is still operational grinding wheat, selling baked goods, different types of flours, grains and cereals as well as the best, best, best apple cider doughnuts you have ever eaten in your life - still warm and yet slighty crunchy from the cinnamon and brown sugar.

They gather logs and turn them in to boards for flooring and siding!  
The smell of cut timber is so sweet!

Pieces of mill equipment from years gone by.  
They are beautiful to look at and photograph.
 The mill is still operated using a paddle wheel like this one.

 A new edition!
We watched this outdoor oven being built over the past spring.
Our hope is that they will open it up as a community oven where people can bring their dough and baked goods to cook by fire and coals.  Just imagine fresh bread steaming hot, bubbling cheese on pizza or sweet rolls to go along with warm apple cider.
 Sheltered from the elements.
I want one for my backyard but just a little smaller!

Tell us about one of your favourite places to visit!

Eat well!


  1. lots of inspiration there x will an oven fit in your garden? EVEN a small one ? lol x

  2. I would definitely make room! I can just imagine the wonderful smell of baking bread all year long. I love making fresh bread but in the summer, no way, it's just too darn hot and humid here! I actually saw a small oven in a cooking magazine the other day. It was about the size of a BBQ - hmmm! We hardly ever use the BBQ - the veggies fall through the grill so it would be perfect! I could cook everything in it. Now how to keep the neighbours away!?! :)