Sunday, 5 August 2012

When Was the Last time I Sewed a Dress?

I like to read a lot of blogs and many people are using their quilting fabric to make clothes for their children and for themselves. So I got to thinking, I can sew clothes, at least I used to. I wasn't going to waste quilting fabric in case it didn't work out, it has been a long time. I made Sharon come with me to the fabric store and she helped me pick out a pattern.
Okay, I do not look like that!
I like simple patterns with choices and a bag too! I found some fabric that I really liked, it had embroidery on it and it was already hemmed. (I hate hemming) The first thing I saw was darts, OMG, I can't remember how to do darts, okay Google here I come. I would have had this done in a day but I didn't think it had a zipper so I didn't buy one. Must learn to read patterns again. Had to go back and buy a zipper and a hook and eye. So 2 days later I have a dress!
I will need a slip because the fabric is very light and the wind goes through the holes in the embroidery!

Now I'm thinking of going back and buying another pattern (another simple one), this time with a scoop or V neck,  and maybe I'll make my second dress! (Still not going to use my quilting fabric) Don't worry I'll buy quilting stuff too, the batting is 50% off tomorrow. Hmmmmm, somewhere in the basement I have flannel - maybe I'll make pajamas.
Just as long as I get time to quilt.
Do you make clothes? Or do you feel more comfortable making quilts like me?

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