Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What's on My Frame? Plus I Won a Prize!

It has been a while since I have posted about sewing. We have been busy running around. We have started putting fruit down for the winter and I have been reading up a storm for school. I like to pre-read certain books to decide if they can go in the regular book section (k - 6) or if it is more appropriate for the grade 7 & 8 section (YA). Right now I am finishing the Gone series and reading the first book City of Bones from The Mortal Instruments series. I am enjoying both and they both are grade 7 & 8 books or YA (young adult)

On the frame right now (finally) is the quilt I was thinking planning on submitting to the EZ Dresdan Challenge. I am trying to create depth with the the border design and with the quilting lines as well. I do have some lines that I need to redo probably on my DSM because I can't seem to get the ruler into some of the spaces due to the angle. I'm not sure if I like the charcoal thread on the white - it shows up all the flaws! Sharon and I talked about it (oh no, more consultation fees!) and we decided I should keep going and see if I like it when it is finished. What do you think? Any ideas are welcomed. The center is created using the EZ Dresden ruler, I didn't use the whole ruler just a middle section.

You can see the charcoal thread against the quilt. What do you think?

Not sure if I will continue the lines in the center or change patterns.

My ruler. :)

The sewing line is wonky - I can't get my ruler into the corners.

This is the backing. I took the picture from under the quilt!

My tension tester patch beside the quilt.

I also wanted to share a prize I won. I was visiting Mitz's site, Bag Lady From the Bay,  because she left me a comment. So while I was there I saw that she was having a give away, so I entered. A few days later I found out I had won! In the package is 100 6x6" Hallowe'en squares, 3 different types of markers for fabric, 1 box of Steam a Seamn and a zippered pouch made by Mitz.

I am eagerly looking at patterns to make a quilt to hang up in the Library. I found a book in my local Public Library called Spellbinding Quilts and I think this is what I'll be making to go with the Hallowe'en fabric. (a bat, an owl, a witch, ...) More on that soon!


  1. You are making a habit of this winning business! Keep it up.

  2. What a lovely treat! Spooky! Love the wonky squares. I have a dresden ruler that I won on the blog hop for the challenge. I haven't used it yet. Planning on making a xmas quilt with it. Thanks for sharing!