Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saving for Winter

At our house, unfortunately, it is time to start thinking about WINTER!
I know, how rude of me, but it's got to be.  

We have started to make our list and counts of how much fruit and vegetables we need to put down so we can continue to eat locally and in season.  No pineapples and mangoes for us in January but we do have sweet strawberries, scrumptious blueberries and juicy peaches as well as an array of yummy and tasty vegetables.

Yesterday we began with strawberries, red, plump, sweet and oh so strawberry!
It was hard not to eat them all.

We rinse them gently.
Cull the stems and place them gently in their new freezer bags.

Then we put them in the freezer to Flash Freeze!
And the next day we use our super duper vacuum sealer.

Guess who's next!?!

Eat well!


  1. Good for you! We used to do more of this as a family, but not so much anymore. Are winters long where you are?

    1. Hi Carla,
      Our winters are very long and usually very cold. The past few years have either had huge amounts of snow or little. From November until the end of April nothing grows so we rely on our winter stores. Eating local berries in the middle of winter brings a bit of summer!