Monday, 13 August 2012

Kitchen Sink Pizza!

Today was a left over kinda day.  Lunch was left over cauliflower/potato mash and some arugula pasta salad and dinner was Kitchen Sink Pizza.  I like to call our home-made pizza this because it usually involves using up all the left overs.  It includes pretty much everything but the kitchen sink:  left behind pieces of onion, a few mushrooms, a piece of red pepper that's not really big enough for an ingredient anymore and some arugula on its last days.  I like to gently saute my veggies so they are partially cooked before topping the pizza with them otherwise they tend to be very raw (I know, weird!) 

On top of all this I had one little tomato (don't saute - that would just be wrong) sitting all alone on the counter crying to be used and two different containers of mozzarella cheese to finish up. 
So on top they all went.

Slide it on to my cooking stone that has been heating in the oven and presto!  Dinner's ready ...

Kitchen Sink Pizza!
It's different every time.

Eat well!

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