Monday, 6 August 2012

I think I have an addiction!!!

It's not really a bad addiction unless the damage to my wallet counts.  You see I'm addicted to books and magazines, especially if they have to do with food, cooking or urban gardening.  I know where this addiction of mine came from and it began about 20 years ago.  I am a primary teacher and those of us who teach little ones love picture books and use them to teach just about everything.  I remember teaching a math lesson and a little boy in one of my classes asked me, "Ms.  Do you have a book for everything?"  Thinking for a moment I replied, "Yes, I think so!"

Now I've tried to create my own interventions like not ever stepping foot in a book store but they sell books everywhere now a days.  Then I tried visiting my local library but the late fines became ridiculous (so sad for a sister of a librarian!).  Then I decided that I would sort my unread books in to piles and when I had read all of them then I could buy a new book.  Yeah right!  The picture book thing I think I've got a handle on now - you see we had mice in our garage for the past two years.  Cute little critters but the damage was extensive.  We had our school books in the garage when space became an issue at work.  We lost boxes of books, beautiful books, to mice pee and poop which translated to mucho bucks.  So I figure if the school or public library doesn't have it then I need to find a different book.  But, cooking and food books, those are quite different.  I tried - you must cook at least ten of the recipes from a magazine or one recipe from each section in a book.  Okay, if I say so.  Can you tell I'm not very good at follow through.  So here is my latest acquisition from our local Chapters Book store.

I wish we still had the small independent book stores that we use to frequent but they have had a very difficult time keeping up with the chains.  There are still two small independent book stores that we visit, Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge and Furby House Books in Port Hope.  

GoodFood from the BBC have different magazines - vegetarian, celebrations, seasons and their regular one.  Great recipes that remind me of my Parents and Grandparents.  Some differences in names of foods and availability but not too much.  

So I while I peruse my mags here's what we had for dinner last night!

Garlic scape, arugula and pecan pesto with sauteed onions, red peppers and zucchini and slightly blackened scallops.  Very delicious and very easy to whip up!

Read anything good lately?


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