Friday, 3 August 2012

Foto Fridays

Sharon and I love to visit small towns and look around in small stores. We found a barn that has been recreated into an antique mall and craft shop. I love that old barns are being re-purposed instead of being torn down. In front of the barn is the biggest rocking chair I have ever seen. You need a ladder to climb into the seat! I included a photo of the Glads that have started coming to the market. There are bucket and buckets of them. This week we headed to Orno which is a very small town. It has several antique shops in it. I bought a cast iron base to an old singer machine and the working pedal is still attached. I found a section in one room where there were books, fabric, gadgets and a sewing machine. The books were all quilting books and they cost $3 each but I was so hot ( no A/C ) that I couldn't look at them and they are so tightly packed I was afraid to move them. I can go back next week, there is a street sale and the whole street closes down for antiques and art. The sewing machine is a featherweight and it comes with a table for $125.00. If I didn't already have my Nanna's featherweight I would have bought it. 

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