Thursday, 9 August 2012

A journey to almost nowhere ...

We drove (2.5 hours) to Fonthill, Ontario to visit The Quilting Bee from where Barb purchased her Long Arm quilting frame.  I decided that I would go with her, drop her off for her lessons and then explore the surrounding area.  Mum heard and asked if she could join me - now the pressure is on!  Oh I'm very happy to drive around on my own, see the sights and stop if I see something interesting but now I had someone along and it was my job to make sure she had a good time too.  Stress!  I searched the internet looking for places to visit, shop, explore, something for us to do for about 4 hours.  I came upon the St. Catherine's Farmers Market website which had a long list of vendors (about 40) and a description that would intice anyone who is in to local food to visit, especially being the Niagara area.  So we dropped Barb off and began our little adventure.  Mum is great at reading maps and giving directions so we found the market quite easily but, where oh where is the market described on the website?

The building is really neat - open and airy.  It's long with glass garage doors along both lengths of the building that open.  Vendors can back their vehicles right up to the doors.  It's hard to see from the photo but they have bundles of twigs tied together and painted white hanging from the ceiling - really creative, I might use this idea in my classroom.  There were maybe a dozen vendors and you can see from the photo it was pretty quiet.  I'm really bothered when websites are not kept up to date and you arrive only to be disappointed.  On a brighter note, we did meet Blackberry Bob who had the absolute sweetest blackberries I have ever eaten.  Usually they can be tart with a hint of sweetness but these were sweet like blackberry sugar!  I bought my first bunch, actually two bunches, of leeks and am looking forward to cooking with them.  After a very delicious coffee and muffin we decided to venture on to Port Dalhousie to visit the town and the little shops along main street.

We the town is pretty small and most of the shops were closed down.  Many small towns are having difficulty and it's very sad to see small businesses in the area closed.  Port Dalhousie does have a great beach, long, white sand and shallow areas for the kids to play in.  There were lots of families enjoying the day.

We enjoyed watching children playing in the water and digging in the sand.

We walked and enjoyed the breeze, watching the boats and seeing these small lighthouses posted along the pier.  The water was a beautiful bluey-green.  Lot's of people just out for a stroll.

Although we didn't get to do everything I had hoped we did seem to have fun sight seeing, dreaming about the lake front homes and laughing about getting lost!  
Mum was a great companion for the day and said she enjoyed herself.  Phew!

It's off to the farmers market tomorrow!
Eat well!

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