Thursday, 5 July 2012

Visiting McEwan Grocery

About a month ago a friend of mine told me about McEwan Grocery and suggested I visit it to find the elusive Champagne Vinegar I have been searching for.  So on Tuesday we set off to Shops on DonMills, which until a few years ago was The DonMills Shopping Centre.  It is much fancier, full of courtyards and laneways with higher end shops than it use to be.  Upon entering the store I knew this was going to be fun!  It is bright, spacious and well laid out - a shoppers dream, especially one who likes grocery shopping as I do.  We decided to grab a cart and walk around first to see everything and then decide if there was anything we wanted to bring home.  The take home (or eat at little cafe tables) section was huge with everything from a Curry Bar, Sushi, salads, pizzas, whole Quails and entrees to take home for dinner.  We bought four items (Roasted Squash and Figs with Balsamic Dressing; Curried Cauliflower, Sauteed Mushrooms of all varieties and Tomato and Basil Risoto loaf) to enjoy for dinner.  It was difficult to choose just four but we did it!

There is a section for everything from meat, fish, cheese, bakery, chocolates and flowers.  The food is presented beautifully and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  The grocery section is like it use to be growing up, five isles well spaced and the produce and dairy on the outside walls.  I love the fact that it was small and intimate not the gigantic stores we shop in today.  The selection of products was amazing including the fantastic olive oils and vinegars.  Yes they do carry Champagne Vinegar but alas, they were out :(     Oh well, I guess I have to visit again  :)

Here is some of my bounty that I brought home with me!

The sell the brand of spice that I love and can't easily find so I picked up Grains of Paradise (an pepper that has the flavours of cardamom and ginger) True North (By Southwest) (real maple with chipotle, cayenne, paprika and ancho chiles with Southwestern herbs and spices) and Brillant Blue Lavender which is great for sweet and savoury dishes.

Out of all the cheeses I chose Horseradish Cheddar and Applewood Smoked Cheddar both are strong and flavourful - not for sandwiches!

McEwan has their own brand of spices.

Galler chocolate from Belgium.  I chose a milk chocolate bar and a Mandarine Napoleon bar (orange and chocolate, so yummy).

I also picked up a disc of Mexican Chocolate that can be eaten as is or melted in Mexican Drinking Chocolate which is rich and delicious and nothing like our Hot Chocolate drinks.

The TRUE lemon and lime are crystalized lemon and lime which will come in handy for desserts, sprinkling on fish and in salads.

We both love anything Mango so the smoothies were a must!

We have been trying different coconut waters but still haven't found one we like.

Good Karma has Flax milk!  Who knew!  It's wonderful and has a huge amount of B vitamins!

Since I couldn't get the Champagne Vinegar I originally came for I choose a Zinfandel and Barb chose a Pomegranate vinegar.  Looking forward to mixing these into wonderful dressings!

Barb wanted to try a Rose Water and I've seen recipes that call for it so I will do some searching before we open it.

A loaf of Walnut bread that is actually blue inside and chock full of walnuts and whole grains, so hearty and tasty.

Yes, there is more!

Okay, not so local, I admit it!  But a treat!
We love figs, heirloom tomatoes (from Canada) and baby squashes so who could resist!

What an experience!  Would I shop there for my weekly shopping, no, but it sure was nice to visit!  There were families doing what looked like their weekly shopping but wow what a dent in the budget that would be.  It was an expensive outing as I knew it would be, but having the experience and the availability of specialty and hard to find items, like my Champagne Vinegar, made it worth the trip and the added expense as a treat once in awhile.

Do you have a special shop or boutique you like to visit on occasion?  Tell us about it!

Eat well,

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