Monday, 9 July 2012

Star Quilt Finished - Check!

Well I've done it, I have finished my first full sized quilt on my long arm frame with my new HQ Avante. I am pleased with the results. Before it was quilted I didn't really like this quilt. I made it sooooo long ago and my tastes have changed (and so has my our house). I do have the original instructions on how to make this quilt so I can give credit to the designer, when I find it I will add it to this entry. (Sawtooth Star designed by Gloria Greenlee, found in Quilting Today Magazine, Issue 71- I didn't use her border) Okay so here goes, here is my quilt with my machine quilting on it!!!
You would never believe how many times we moved the star blocks around before we were happy with it.
I collected these fabrics from all other the place. I wanted them to look old so I didn't put any fabrics in that I thought looked modern. I was fun - hope it looks like a vintage quilt. ( I did use gold thread to quilt it with so I guess it isn't vintage anymore oh well, sparkle wins over style :)

I like the back of the quilt too!

Here it is with the binding on in front of the garden.

It was very sunny out that's why my face looks like that - I do like the quilt now.


  1. This is your FIRST quilt? WOW!!!Just beautiful... I love the warm color pallet!!! Thank you for sharing at Farmgirl Friday! Come back now, ya hear?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Although this is not my first quilt I've pieced, it is the first quilt I've machine quilted on my long arm machine. Thanks again!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Diane,
      You helped me decide what to quilt in each block. Thanks for the assistance :)

  3. This is so impressive! It is just lovely. I think you have achieved exactly what you were looking for. Vintage with a twist.