Monday, 23 July 2012

So Why Do I Use a Startie/Stoppie?

While I've been ripping out stitches, or un-quilting my border on my latest quilt and the pile of thread is getting higher, I wonder, if I am going to rip out this much thread what's the point of using a Startie/Stoppie? (You know that little piece of fabric that starts your chain stitch and end the chain stitch) I was told to use it to save thread, I really use it to stop that snarl of thread at the beginning of a seam. If I'm going to keep unsewing, (more on that later), how am I going to save thread?
Well I finally un-quilted my border and re-quilted the border and trimmed the extra material off.
My original border design, small circle inside large circle. I forgot to keep to the pattern of up, down.

I know awful picture, but to be honest they were awful feathers so they had to go too.

Yeah there is enough material in the extra backing to do the binding, whew!
I even trimmed the corners of the quilt round, so all I have left to do is make binding and sew it on.
Quilt waiting for borders.

Round corners. I am not showing the quilting from the back. Yikes! This will be a wall hanging so no one will know what the stitching looks like except me!!!
Feathers, I tried to get then to mirror each other in the adjacent blocks.

okay I am happy that it is done with the feathers and how they look.
 Wait I forgot, what does the new red border look like? I'll be back - forgot to take a picture. (need coffee!!!)
I added a grid/lattice to match the squares in the blocks.

I made half circles that overlapped.

I used the clam shell ruler that came with my LA package. Ruler work is hard. Now I know why custom work can be so expensive.

While browsing through several quilting blogs I see that many people join swaps, bees... so I thought I would make a quilt for the Dresden Challenge. I'm not a big fan of the Dresden Plate but there are some pretty creative people out there and some beautiful fabrics. I thought, mmmmm, I'll try something for the innovative section. It's a small quilt so I can do that and have it ready on time. Well either I'm not rested yet or I'm not getting enough coffee (I really have cut back since going on holiday) but I have had nothing but problems. I sewed a whole section, good, looks like I want it to. Then the next day I sewed the next section, good, looks like I want it to, wait a minute the two sections will not fit together. I eased them in but now it bulges weirdly in places. So out comes the seam ripper, did I tell you that my thumb falls asleep when I use my seam ripper? I tried to sew it a different way. Then it hit me I forgot to change the seam allowance on my machine. So one whole section is smaller than the other. (insert tears and bad language here)

Luckily I caught this before I did too many more rows.

So I went and had lunch and I'm having a coffee, once I write this, and I will try again. :(

Oh yeah, I said I would show you what I bought on my shopping trip. I also bought a pattern for something really cool. I am going to try to make it and if it works I will make one for a give away for our 100th post! Keep an eye out to see if I am successful.

The 2 orange fabrics are for a special project I have been saving a variety of FQ's for. The turquoise and brown fabric was buy 2 and get 2 for free. This will be a great backing, border, who knows?              


  1. I keep forgetting about leaders and Enders. I should give it a try. By the way, your feathers look good ; )

  2. I really like your overlapping half circle quilting. I'll have to give that a shot some time. I have tried feathers yet, they don't look right to me in my "doodle book" so I'm not ready to try them on a quilt yet.