Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shhhhh It's a Secret!

I linked to A Quilter's Table: Tuesday at the Picnic Table,  with Sharon's recipe, Roasted Corn and Quinoa salad. (June 17th post)

I hope I win the prize because she needs a new quilt and the fabrics in the prize would make a beautiful summer quilt.

Sharon comes up with amazing dishes. She reads a lot of foodie magazines and loves taking apart flavours and trying to recreate them. I, am a willing victim of these food experiments. Seldom do they go wrong but we have an agreement not to eat it if we don't like it. So far I've eaten everything!!! I'm not the best cook in the world probably from lack of practise (why would I try when Sharon loves it and is amazing at it) I don't love cooking. I do enjoy baking. When there are 2 people in the house baking can be dangerous so I bake for my Library helpers,

Owl Cupcakes - school mascot! I made 56 with Sharon's help.
or at Christmas for cookie exchanges.

Melted snow people cookies! You can't see the girls in this photo :(  We made at least 6 dozen of these.

I guess I'll stick to the basics in cooking and keep on quilting. Here is a quilt I made for the school office a couple of years ago, I did say our school mascot is an owl!!!

When I find the pattern I'll add the details to give credit to the designer.

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