Sunday, 29 July 2012

Driving the back roads

Just passing by!
We are told we both take after our Grandad Ted in that we like to go for long drives and basically get lost!  We can spend hours driving around not looking for anything in particular but enjoying the scenery and finding the most unexpected places and people.  This is one way that we contacted most of the farmers we now buy from.  Last summer on one of our drives we found a farm that was selling their produce (fruit, veggies and eggs) in a most unusual manner.  The had a farm stand with all their produce set out just like any other stand but there was no one overseeing it.  I wish I could find the photos we had taken to show you.  It ran on the honour system with a sign asking visitors to pay what they could for the food they took and place the money in a cash box.  I've used stands like this to buy honey, pumpkins, eggs and small containers of veggies but never a whole stand, although I have read about them in books I've read recently.   So this weekend we were very sad to discover that the stand has changed and now has one of the farm hands overseeing the sale of items.  We did discover something new though!

Quail eggs!  Neither of us has ever had quail eggs before.  They were so tiny, speckled and very cute. Yes food can be cute!  Have you ever seen baby zucchinis, champagne grapes, baby peas, baby pumpkins?  I can go on, but I won't!   We talked with the farm hand and he said they taste just like chicken eggs just much smaller.  We asked about the birds and how they were raised - free range running all around the farmyard, eating whatever they fancy and were told we could go and look if we wanted.  Of course we bought the basket which held 18 eggs.

I put two chicken eggs beside them to show their size.
I love the brown speckles!
Cracking the eggs was a little difficult.  They are so tiny and the shells are actually quite hard and I was afraid to smash them.  The inside of the eggs are pale blue!

I added one chicken egg so you could see the size again.

So I gently fried our quail eggs but you have to be quick, these little guys cook fast and in my cast iron pan, which I had cooked some left over potatoes and onions, it was probably too hot.  They were delicious though - just like fresh from the farm chicken eggs!  We really couldn't tell the difference.

My only question is how many quail eggs should one person eat? 
(We had four each and split the chicken egg!) 

Eat well!


  1. Hi Sharon, I have just read on another blog that you cant do posts from your Ipad. Try down loading Blogger Plus (Blogger+) it is what I use and it works fine once you get your gead around it! have fun :o)

    1. Thanks Sharon we will look into this App. :) always looking for help and advise!