Sunday, 8 July 2012

Oshawa Centre Farmer's Market

Friday is our local farmer's Market at the Oshawa Centre.  Many of the farms we visit also work the market so it's nice to see friendly faces and catch up!  The market has grown over the years and there is more variety than ever.  Farmers come from Newcastle and Peterborough all the way to Beamsville and Niagara-on-the-Lake and each year it gets a little bigger and better.

Here are some pics from last Friday!

F & M Farms - all sorts of jams, preserves, pickle, sauces.  All home made with produce from their own farm.

Garlic Scapes - my favourite in just about anything!
First batch of corn from our favourite grower - Kent Farms
Strawberry season was so short this year so eat them while you can!
Mushrooms - different varieties (white, cremini, oyster, etc.)
Crosswind Farm - goats milk, yoghurt and cheese.  A new addition to the market this year!
Kyoto Coffee - always our last stop for either iced or hot coffee, so good!
Iced coffee on a 41 degrees day - hot and humid!

When we got home we were tired and hot and just in time for lunch!  At the Crosswind Farm I bought some goat's feta cheese.  It was salty and smooth, not crumbly like others I've had.  I still had the figs from McEwan groceries (my adventure from earlier in the week) so I made a beautiful salad with spinnach, cucumber and a pomegranate vinegrette.  Add a slice of walnut bread with butter and it hit the spot! 

Looking forward to a week of cooking using the fresh and beautiful food from the market!  Summer is definitely here :)

Eat well!

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