Sunday, 15 July 2012

The heat continues .......

The heat seems to be never ending ... it's after 10 p.m. and it's 25 degrees but feels like 33 degrees and it's like breathing pudding!  We had thunderstorms this afternoon but they did nothing to clear the air, but the grass and plants are thankful.  When it's this hot it can be difficult to eat properly - please anything but don't use the oven!  Tonight seemed like a good cereal night but when I open the fridge and see all the fresh fruits and veggies I begin to feel guilty.  Okay, okay I'll cook some of you!

Tonight it was simple:  beet greens, onions, garlic, the neglected piece of left over red pepper, olive oil and some ends of pasta left in boxes waiting for more of the same to arrive; it didn't so I mixed whole wheat egg noodles and whole wheat penne.

When everything was almost cooked through and ready to throw together I added some of the goats cheese I picked up at the market on Friday - onion and chive chevre from Crosswind Farms and a few tablespoons of the pasta water to make a bit of a sauce.  Simple and tasty, quick and not too much heat required!

We use to compost the greens and stalks to most root veggies but now that I have discovered different ways to cook them and how flavourful they can be on their own, they often become the star of the dish.

Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter than today so maybe popsicles for dinner!?!
What do you say Barb?
You in?
Share with us what you make when it's too hot outside?

Eat well!

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