Friday, 27 July 2012

Foto Fridays

Bees and Blooms

During the school year we tend to crash on Friday evenings, have take out for dinner and fall asleep in our chairs.  So in order to not miss making a post on Fridays we are going to begin Foto Fridays.  Our photos will be from places we have been, favourite things, our gardens, quilting and quilts, things that inspire us or make us smile.  Hope you enjoy them!

Can you find the honey bees in the first two photos?  We have a Beekeeper nearby and his bees visit our garden all summer long.  They are actually very gentle and will let me weed amongst the flowers and don't sting!  Yeah! 


  1. I love those type of bees in my garden. Wasps?...not so much!

    1. The wasps have been trying really had to build nests in our yard, under the eaves, in the BBQ, under the deck. We finally bought a wasp catcher from the garden center and they have been caught or scared off.