Saturday, 7 July 2012

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

I joined up to Deborah Jean's Danelion House "Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!"  I'm very excited as this is my first Blog Hop and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time visiting the other bloggers that have joined in.  I have some new favourites that I've bookmarked to make sure to visit them again.

Although I don't live on a farm we are trying to create a small urban farm on our suburban property until we are ready to retire to a rural life with more space and CHICKENS!  I love chickens!  We have begun creating raised planters inside our now defunct dog run because Poppy loves to eat everything we grow.  She had basil breath forever when we couldn't keep her out of the herb garden!  Last year we bought three cow/horse watering troughs to plant in too as they are tall enough to keep Poppy and the rabbits out, a drain to eliminate excess water and they look great!
Our swinging birds help keep the critters away!

Yukon potatoes!

We have learned to grow smart due to our small space.  We grew potatoes in a piece of snow fencing tied in a cylinder and sitting in our old fire pot.  We had lots of wonderful potatoes and were so excited that they actually grew!  This year we planted an espalier apple tree that has six different varieties of apples on it.  Next year I'm hoping to plant a peach and a pear espalier trees along our fence.  Check out our post called "Poppy" for a picture of our new tree! 

We have canned, frozen and made preserves for years learning from our Mum and Nanna.  We are still eating from last summer's canned tomato sauce from three bushels of plum tomatoes.  In our cold cellar we currently have blueberry, strawberry, plum and peach jams, pickles, peaches, pears and of course tomato sauce.  We freeze fruits and veggies too - farm fresh corn and peas in January are amazing.  Since we eat local and in season the frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries all come in handy to make toppings for yoghurt, filling for pie or other desserts and sauces.
I love to cook from scratch, simple and tasty food!

Barb makes these beautiful quilts you can see on other posts.  She sews and can come up with a solution to pretty much any problem that arises, I like to call her the Puzzle Queen!  Next year I hope to include chickens in our little backyard but will have to build a house and figure out were to place it so they are go unnoticed by others! shh!  We have come to know many local farmers in our area and have sourced out pretty much everything we "need" to live the local life.  We've learned a lot from them and I'm sure we have a lot more to learn in the future!

So I may not be a bonafied Farm Girl but I am a wannabe Farm Girl, trying to make it happen in the suburbs!


  1. First time stopping in and have really enjoyed! Can't wait to read more! Stop by and follow at:

    1. Hi Clint, Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. Your jalapeno peppers look amazing! We don't even have them at the markets yet. I love using them fresh in Salsa Verde (tomatillos) they give a little snap to the sauce. It sounds like we both have the same weather - hot and humid!
      Take care, stay cool and eat well! Sharon