Monday, 2 July 2012

Double Dipped Crusted Goat Cheese

One of my favourite cheeses is Goats Cheese.  It's tangy and velvety smooth and pairs well with both sweet and savoury.  Tonight I knew I was going to make salad for dinner but being a little absent minded I forgot that this was the Canada Day Long Weekend and the stores would be closed.  So, to the pantry and fridge I go . . . what to make, what to make, ah ha!  Panko bread crumbs and we always have a log of Goats Cheese in the fridge.  I learned how to make these when I took a Gourmet Cooking class from the local school board.  I had a great time, learned lots, but most of it applied to meat which I no longer eat.  But these little jewels I remember so well.  This was the part of the final meal that I had to make on my own.  Back then, in front of the whole class I thought it was so difficult but in fact, easy peasy!

I poured the Panko crumbs on to a small pie plate, added black pepper and roasted garlic and hot peper flakes.  In another small pie plate I whisked an egg.  I left my log of cheese in the fridge until just before slicing so it wouldn't get warm then sliced four pieces about an inch thick.  First dip the cheese slice in the egg and coat all sides then put it in the Panko and make sure it is completely covered and then repeat the whole process, hence the double dipped!  I had a saute pan (which I used to love but now hate!) on the heat with some olive oil in it.  Place the covered cheese in the pan and turn when brown.  The heat needs to be about medium to high.  You want them to cook fast so they don't melt too much but if you have a pan like mine which overheats even when on low, you'll want to keep an eye on them.   In class we used a deep fryer but I don't think that's necessary unless you are making a big batch for a family or party.  Using a pair of tongs I tipped my cheese on all of the  sides to make sure the egg was cooked and the Panko browned.

These cook really fast so I prepared my salad ahead of time and had it plated.  I made a simple dressing from Dijon Mustard, White Balsamic vinegar, finely chopped shallots and olive oil.

I put the crusted cheese right on top of the salad and drizzled with a little dressing.  
Oh so good and just like I remembered :)  

As I write I'm thinking of variations I could do in the future, like adding fresh herbs, different spices, using the different Goats Cheese logs like the Jalapeno or Cinnamon and Berry coated one!

Oh how very yummy!  Eat well!

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