Saturday, 30 June 2012

YEAH - I'm on Holiday!!!

Wow! The craziest month of the year is over and I survived. Graduation, timetables, carnival, Play day, organizing the entire non-fiction section in numerical and alphabetical order and collecting books from students, oh right and teaching... we also held our garage sale which took time this month organizing and pricing.
The Condos where we want to retire to!
Sharon at the water's edge. The advantage of holding the camera- I'm not in the photo!
The boats with all their flags.

The pier.

I woke up early on my first day of holidays and Sharon and I went to Cobourg Ontario for the Waterfront Festival. There are 5 large tents with booths on both sides filled with crafts and artisans. I love vintage jewelry and handcrafted things so this is heaven for us. We did all 5 tents twice, had lunch (vegetarian roti) and then drove to Port Hope and walked around town. My feet are sore and we were so tired we took a nap when we got home. A really nice way to start our holidays.

As I was sitting drinking my coffee I read my blog list and I saw that SewCalGal had posted a recap of the month of June with Cindy Needham. Right Barb it's the end of the month!!! All I have to show for my Free-motion challenge this month are my paper doodling.

Still working on feathers, and my star for my quilt on my frame.
I loved working on the paper. It helped to calm me this month while I was stressing out about getting work done by the end of the month.

Zentangle 1 not finished.

My second zentangle. I really liked this one.
So I do promise to put this on fabric and post it here so you can see I did finish the fabric. I will continue the Zentangle type of drawing in my book it really is fun.


  1. Your drawings are fabulous! I can't imagine actually quilting that : )

  2. Your drawings are fabulous. Once your back from vaction, on to fabric and sharing. Looks great!