Saturday, 16 June 2012

What Do I Do With Stars?

I dug out a quilt top I finished over 8 years ago to see if I could quilt it on my new frame. I had been quilting wall hangings and lap quilts on my table top frame. This is different, this quilt is full sized.

The backing is brown (not that it looks brown in the picture) and I am using up the scraps I found in my scrap box, I can't believe they are still there, to make a straight line down the back of the quilt.
The real colour is darker.
I still need to sew these squares together and add them to the backing fabric.
I can't decide what to quilt on the blocks. There are 6 blocks across and 9 blocks down, each with a star in it. There is a patchwork of squares on the border.

The border is more yellow than it shows here.

I was thinking the yellow between the stars and the little squares could be a figure 8 shaped design. But I am stumped on the star blocks. I want to stretch myself and try something new. I can meander very well but I need to push myself to grow. I don't do pantographs very well yet. They look wobbly, although as Sharon says, I have been practicing on plain fabric with contrasting thread so they stand out, a lot! I tried some designs on my iPad to see what I liked before I started on my quilt.

Any ideas? Do you like one of these designs? Can you suggest a design I haven't thought of or know about? H-E-L-P!!!


  1. I think I like the first design. It's simpler and will let the stars pop : )

    1. Thanks Carla. I really needed a second opinion.

  2. I like the idea of a flower inside each of the stars... start out small and work upwards sounds like a good idea xx

    1. I like the idea of starting out small. There are 54 stars on this quilt! Thanks for the help.