Sunday, 10 June 2012


Our dog has discovered a new skill. We recently had a Dappled Willow removed from our garden. It had grown well beyond the size it was supposed to. A garden designer and a tree expert both said it was the biggest one they'd seen. Anyways, after they dug up the roots and filled in the hole Poppy decided she would help dig the left over roots out for us.

Another day I was watering the grass and I left the hose on too long. The ground around our Maple tree was soggy. Poppy decided she would help out again. She looks very happy and proud of her work. If you look in the background you can see the hole in the grass (the first hole she dug was in the ground around the tree!)
She's smiling!

We had to hose her off before we could bring her in the house!

We planted a special apple tree. It has 6 different types of apples grafted to it. It is espaliered- horizontally grown branches tied to a frame.

I have a picture of a Clematis in our garden. I would have shown the lovely Peonies but the rain and wind got to them.

Taken with my iPhone!


  1. love the pictures .. thanks xx

  2. ha! my dogs love 'helping' in the garden too!!! thanks for dropping by my blog. :)