Monday, 11 June 2012

In the kitchen . . .
Although I haven't actually posted much to our blog lately I have taken photographs and written my thoughts and ideas in my head ... I just haven't made it to the computer to actually enter them on to our blog!  I think having to many tech devises are making this a little more difficulty than I originally hoped.  I take photos with my iPhone when I'm out and about and in the kitchen I use my iPad but I can't use either of their to post to the blog so it means transferring photos, blah, blah, blah.  Now that our T.V. has been decommissioned my plan is to blog a few times a week.  Here are a few items that never made it to the blog!
First peas of the season, so green, so flavourful!

Fresh local asparagus!

Pasta with home-made cheese sauce with peas . . .

and asparagus :)

Sweet potato quinoa cakes from "how Sweet it is" one of my new favourite blogs.  Jessica creates the most wonderful dishes with lots of flavour.  Wait till I tell you about the Bourbon Brown Beans!  (still awaiting comments from the judges at work).  Jessica served her Sweet potato quinoa cakes with blackberry salsa but we had ours with asparagus and tuna steaks.  They are quick, easy and tasty.  They also make great lunch leftovers as they heat up quickly and don't need a bun or even messy condiments they are so good all on their own.

The recipe actually made 9 patties.

I added a little plain yoghurt but definitely did not need it.

A few days later our local farmer had the first strawberries of the season.  Last year the first few baskets purchased were not very sweet and didn't have much flavour.  I think warm/hot weather this spring and now the rain has made these some of the best we've ever had.  But before we can go wild with the fresh I need to find different ways to use up our store from last years stash in the freezer.  The yoghurt that we had been buying for the past couple of years has been discontinued at our grocery store so after sampling a few and trying to find something with a balance of fat and sugar, with taste and texture we came upon Liberte Organic Greek Yogourt (their spelling not mine!) which contains organic skim milk and bacterial cultures and that's all!  It's thick and creamy and goes great with any of our frozen fruit cooked down and added on top or to the bottom of the bowl, which ever is your preference!

Breakfast - Potato Onion Scones from Tyrone Mills, Bowmanville, Ontario.
I love my baking stone!  It stays in the oven and helps to cook food more evenly and thoroughly especially pizza and bread bottoms.

We buy our eggs from a house in Solina but don't know the name of the gentleman who sells them.  His chickens are free range and the eggs are some of the best we have ever had - bright yellow yolks with buttery flavour.  Our "Egg Man" sells on the honour system - a little fridge with the eggs and a tin box for the cash.  I love it! 
Farm fresh, free run eggs from our Egg Man.

Sunday mornings on a plate.

I splurged and bought myself an Emile Henry deep, fluted pie dish.  It's beautiful with a pie in it or on the counter with fresh fruit inside.  I love how a dish or cooking utensil can inspire me!

First pie in my new Emile Henry pie dish.

Vegetable pie

So now you know that I'm still around and that we aren't starving!

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