Sunday, 24 June 2012

Garage Sale Eve

Well it's the night before our garage sale. We have priced all the teaching resources, the picture books and miscellaneous things teacher collect to use in their classrooms. We put signs at all the local elementary schools last night in the dark! We advertised at work and on Kijiji. Now I realize we still have more things we could sell but we'll never get it all ready for tomorrow, so, we'll have to have another sale near the end of the summer. It would be nice to be able to park my car in the garage and not have to scrape it in the winter. Sharon would like to finish the basement and have me set up my quilting down there. We'll see how much money we raise. Looking at all the resources I now know why I couldn't afford to travel!!!

I think Barb has fallen asleep amongst the boxes of stuff to go to Value Village and to go back in the garage for our next sale,  so I'll finish this post!  First, let's make one thing very clear,  I did not say Mrs. Biggins (the quilting frame who has a bit of a size issue) had to be relocated to the basement! At least until we finish it :)   She's kind of growing on me!

Well the sale is over and we learned a lot!  

• 4.5 hours of sleep is not enough
•  1 coffee is never enough
• teachers are tired in June and don't want to go to 
   garage sales while they are closing down their classrooms
• check signs in morning as they tend to fall down overnight 
   when you live in the windiest part of the universe
• permanent marker isn't so permanent on sunny days
• prices are never low enough for some
• there are many characters out there in the world 
   and a lot of them came to our sale!
• there are some great folks in the world and it was 
   fun talking and meeting them!
• 1 coffee is never, never, never enough

 Any other ideas or suggestions for our next sale in August or September?

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