Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!! And a Sur-prize!

Today has been a scorcher in Ontario, Canada. We have lots of humidity! The temperature read 32 C but with the humidity it felt more like 42 C!!! Now I work in a Public School and just to set the record straight we don't have A/C in the building. Oh wait, we have an old, no ancient window A/C in the staffroom which only feels cool if you stand right in front of it. I work in the Library with no outdoor windows, okay no sun streaming in my windows but no breeze either. It is so stuffy it is hard to breath. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. The funny thing is schools have a low temperature threshold so that if the school gets too cold we have to send kids home ie. the heat goes out in Winter. In the summer when our brains are leaking out our ears there is no magic number which allows us to leave early and pour ourselves into our car and slowly solidify by the time we are half way home. We are told to sit quietly and drink lots of water and stay out of the sun :0 Okay rant done for today.

Honestly this is what I looked like as I walked to my car at the end of the day.
 I arrived home and went to the mailbox as I do everyday and today I saw something wonderful in the mailbox, no not bills, a prize! Remember I mentioned I won a prize at Mamafairy sews, well it arrived today. I looked at the package and read the labels that were on it so it could come through customs and I saw fabric and... chocolate!!! Did I mention it was hot here? I was worried at first but Mamafairy had wrapped the fabric separately from the chocolate. When I picked up the chocolate (mmmmmm chocolate) it oozed in the package, oh boy liquid chocolate! I could snip a corner and just pour it into my mouth, I could drizzle it on cupcakes (or my finger), or I could put it in the fridge and wait like a good girl. Okay so I'm still waiting (to be good, the chocolate is hard now.)
You can't quite see how much it oozes, mmmmm!

Inside this lovely package was a beautiful handmade card with a little quilt sew onto it,

a really neat pincushion in beautiful colours,

I love the colours :)

and the polka dot fabric I just love so much.  

The colours of the polka dots go so well with some FQs that I won on eBay recently.

What a wonderful way to end a hot and unbearable day at work. Thanks again to Rachel at Mamafairy Sews for the wonderful prize. I hope to make it to 100 blog posts too!


  1. lucky you ... galaxy is WONDERFUL ... not sure what it will be like when melted and reformed though xx lol x

    1. I really was tempted to eat it when it was warm and soft! I'm sure I will eat it tomorrow and I'll let you know. I've never had a Galaxy bar before.


    2. Diane - you were right the chocolate is good and the description on the package is correct. SMOOTH!

  2. So glad it has arrived safely!

    Happy chocolate!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with these things!

    A well deserved win!

    PS, please take off word verification! I hate it!
    unless you are plagued with spam of course!

    1. I think I've turned off word verification. I thought it had to be on to stop spam. I will give it a go and see what happens.