Sunday, 27 May 2012

What's on my quilting Frame?

Well I finally put a real quilt on my frame. I decided to just go for it and try quilting a real quilt instead of pieces of fabric! I looked through my quilt tops and found one I made a while ago. I have the material to make a second one and try to quilt later. I will be able to compare my skills as they improve.

I quilted a meandering pattern around the jars. I put a line on the jar lid to look like the screw lines. Sharon suggested quilting lines to show the round top and bottom of the jars and I put a crown on the front to match the Mason jars we have at home.
Hmmmmm what to quilt next? I even wound a bobbin on my new bobbin winder and it worked in the machine. I might be catching on to this new system!!!!
I drew my lines with chalk.

It's hard to see but it is supposed to be glass!

I just need to add binding and it will be finished.

The detail on the lid.

The fabric on the back!

A close up of the backing fabric.

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