Thursday, 31 May 2012

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge: Photos From My Practise Quilt Sandwich

When I first got my machine up and running I put a couple of old sheets on with some batting and played. I worked on my tension and my stitch patterns. It is very similar to my old set up with a 9" harp on a table top frame, except the handles are easier to work with and a good stitch regulator helps too. I signed up for the Free-Motion Quilting challenge and began working on my Husqvarna Lily. I couldn't get the Designer 1 that my Mum "gave/lent" me to work for me. Now that I have the Avante I have been trying the stitches out on my quilting frame. I know its the last day of the month and I am just submitting my link now but wow the end of the school year is CRAZY!!!

Leah Day's Free-Motion Challenge sample

Another sample from the Free-Motion Challenge for May

These look like peacock feathers!

I love swirls!

Some back and forth patterns.

A sunflower.


A feather that I actually like :)

Who knows what this is?

I traced a template and stitched on the lines.

I filled the center with small swirls.


  1. Hi there. I just did the back and forth and pebbles on a baby quilt. I am not very good, but it turned out ok. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Very brave, buying a long arm machine! but it is looking good.