Sunday, 29 April 2012

Free Motion quilt challenge for April

Oh My! Is it the end of the month already? It has been crazy at work and I have been trying to get rid of "stuff" and sort things for a garage sale. On top of all that I went and priced an HQ Avante 24" quilting machine at the Creative Needlework Festival this weekend.

Well I really went to price a difference machine. I wanted to buy a 16" Sweet Sixteen machine because I was sure I could use it on my table top frame. But I learned I would have to upgrade my carriage to handle the weight of the new machine and I could possibly void my warrenty if I made any adjustments to the machine to make it fit on the frame.

So... Next weekend I am driving 2+ hours to purchase a new machine and frame. Yikes!

Oh right I have to share my Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Since I haven't been practising It looks a little shaky but I added some stamen and meandering around the shape of the flowers and it looks better than it did when I first looked at it.
This is the tracing I did on a piece of netting I had. I know it's not in a hoop.

This photo shows how the meandering puffs the flowers out.


  1. Very nice! I like the continuous line motifs and how you bridged it at the top. Turned out quite pretty :)

  2. Hi, Your design choice is very pretty. I love the way your pattern flows. Bravo..well done.