Sunday, 29 April 2012

Free Motion quilt challenge for April

Oh My! Is it the end of the month already? It has been crazy at work and I have been trying to get rid of "stuff" and sort things for a garage sale. On top of all that I went and priced an HQ Avante 24" quilting machine at the Creative Needlework Festival this weekend.

Well I really went to price a difference machine. I wanted to buy a 16" Sweet Sixteen machine because I was sure I could use it on my table top frame. But I learned I would have to upgrade my carriage to handle the weight of the new machine and I could possibly void my warrenty if I made any adjustments to the machine to make it fit on the frame.

So... Next weekend I am driving 2+ hours to purchase a new machine and frame. Yikes!

Oh right I have to share my Free Motion Quilting Challenge. Since I haven't been practising It looks a little shaky but I added some stamen and meandering around the shape of the flowers and it looks better than it did when I first looked at it.
This is the tracing I did on a piece of netting I had. I know it's not in a hoop.

This photo shows how the meandering puffs the flowers out.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Triangles and Quilting

I have been very busy with work, it's our 25th anniversary and with cleaning out 26 years of teaching materials all stored in the basement!!!

I have been working on a project. I recently ventured into the eBay world and bought my first Singer 301 there and now I've been bidding on charm packs. The charm packs are cheaper to ship but once in awhile the shipping is good and I bid on fabric in yards.

I recently bought white, red and a red/white patterned charm pack.

I put a white square on top of a red patterned square.

I marked the quarter inch distance

I sewed around the outside at the quarter inch.
 I saw on someone's blog how they sew all the way around the squares then cut the squares from corner to corner and they get 4 small blocks.

I measured the center marks.

I cut it into 2 pieces.
Then I measured and cut each triangle into 2 pieces.

 I thought this would be perfect for my charm pack fabrics.
Four little blocks from 2 pieces of my charm packs!

 Then I got out grid paper and decided on a pattern to do with my HST blocks. I played with the position of the light and dark triangles and the patterns. I have 1 row sewn together but I'll have to show yoe when I get more rows sewn! Sorry :(

Monday, 9 April 2012

Twister Ruler Quilt

I started talking about this quilt a few posts ago. I have been playing with the backing of the quilt. I didn't buy enough fabric but I had lots of leftover squares from the twisting.

So I pieced them together and measured and pieced until I was able to fit them together.

I then used the Free-motion challenge to add more details to the quilting.

Finally I added the sleeve and the binding and now I can take it work and hang it in my Library.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy Earth Hour!

It Can Be Hard Eating Local!

We really try hard to eat local beginning with our neighbouring farms and moving out to nearby towns, the Durham Region, the Province of Ontario and then to Canada as a whole.  Seasonal foods in the winter are some of our favourites but by the end of the winter months we really begin to miss fresh green vegetables.  Our neighbourhood grocery store had beautiful thin asparagus spears and I couldn't resist even though they were grown in the USA.  A few days ago we had half of the bunch lightly steamed and ate them with our fingers.  Wow!  They were so good!  As the spring season has begun it's time to start clearing out our pantry and using up our stores.  While I was looking through the cupboard I found a package of hand-made mixed vegetable Pappardelle noodles that we bought during one of our summer drives and a can of Carnation Thick Cream (more on that).  Ontario brown mushrooms, local shallots, vegetable stock, Bisto, salt, pepper and cumin turned into this creamy goodness but the best part were the asparagus spears added at the very end.  A very cold Creemore Spring Lager went well with the earthy mushrooms, cumin and delicate asparagus. 

A great dinner for celebrating Earth Hour!

We really try to avoid canned food choosing fresh, frozen or dried if possible but a few staples help make cooking much easier.  The odd can of black beans, chick peas, vegetarian chili and brown beans make quick and easy meals from burgers to salads to lazy night dinners.  One of my new additions to my pantry is Carnation Thick Cream.  We don't often have cream in the fridge, except for 5% cream for coffee :)  I've only ever used it in savoury meals but the label says it's good for topping berries or desserts.  It mixes in really well and a little goes a long way.  
What are you looking forward to Spring bringing?