Saturday, 31 March 2012

Yikes is it the end of the Month already?

Oh my! It is March 31st and I forgot to post my Free motion Challenge photos. I also forgot to wish my Mum Happy Birthday yesterday, yikes I'm a bad daughter. Guess what my Mum's birthday isn't until May. Tee Hee - Sharon had to tell me! Oh Boy! I think I'm losing it!

I have had fun trying to sew in loops and twirls and I finally tried it on my quilt top. I was told to have 1 (not 2) glass of wine before I quilt and it helps to relax you.

I tried out a variegated thread

That's okay on the small machine but not on my Mega Quilter on my frame. I was trying out a new technique with my new hopping foot and the door bell rang. I looked away for just a sec and I had sewn into my ruler! My machine is okay but I broke the needle (naturally) and now I have a new small hole in my ruler! Imagine if I'd had a glass of wine!
I tried Baptist Fans but too hard for first time so I changed it to this design. I goes all around the border of the quilt.

This is my new set of rulers I just bought.

OOPs! theres the hole I sewed into the largest half circle/

I had a little stretch happen in my side border so I quickly folded the extra fabric over and added a little piece of leftover fabric strip. Now (I hope) it looks intentional!

I looks better when I zoom out.

I added the twirls from the Free Motion Challenge in the middle of each pinwheel shape. Due to the multiple layers it was hard to center the twirl. I later learned I could but batting on top and underneath and gently tap the center with a rubber mallet and that will smooth out the bump in the center from all the layers and make it easier to quilt through.

I used up as much fabric from the front as I could to design a backing fabric for the quilt. I have been inspired by all the quilters out there in Blog Land to try a new way of making up my backing fabrics. I like it and it help reduce bits and pieces of leftover fabric sitting in my stash.

My binding is ready now I just have to sew it on and I'm done! I'll show you the finished quilt when I get the binding done. I also have pictures of the quilt I finished for Sharon's classroom. I blogged about it here.


  1. Hi Barb, Wonderful free motion quilting. The green variegated thread is very pretty. I love the colours on your quilt. The new rulers look interesting.

  2. The free motion quilting has turned out ok, I love following lines like that. As to the hole, better in the ruler than your finger