Sunday, 25 March 2012

One of the foods we cook a couple times a week is dog food!  No, we are not crazy or do we have lots of extra time on our hands!  After losing our Australian Shepherd, Raleigh, to Lymphoma a few years ago we investigated alternatives to commercial dog foods.  All of our dogs have been on what we thought were high quality food but two years ago we went through months of two very furry dogs with diarrhea, upset stomachs, multiple vet visits and bills and we knew we had to find something better.  We discovered Urban Wolf, a human grade dehydrated food base that you can add raw or cooked meat to make a complete food.  Both Ceilidh and Poppy have thrived on Urban Wolf for the past two years.  It's really very easy to prepare and can be frozen in meal-size portions if you want to double the recipe or for travelling.  

We cook ground chicken in 6 cups of water along with 2 eggs.  In a large bowl we add the Urban Wolf food base, dried liver powder, a can of salmon, Safflower oil and 4 to 6 cups of water.  Mix well and when the chicken has cooled incorporate them together.  Ceilidh and Poppy are on 2 cups a day (1 cup at breakfast and 1 cup at dinner) and Poppy gets an extra serving when she goes to day care for snack.  We often add a side of brown rice or quinoa when they are extra hungry.  Although it cost more and might not look so appetizing it has eliminated unnecessary vet and medication bills as well as cleaning supplies!  They are both at their ideal weight, have beautiful shiny coats and no skin problems. 
Do you cook or bake for your pets?
We'd love to hear what cooking!

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