Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello again!  I think after taking two online courses involving so much reading, writing and posting my brain needed a rest, but along with spring my enthusiasm is back! 

This past fall I picked up a basket of shallots from Hy Hope Farms and they have been keeping really well on my kitchen counter in one of my favourite wooden bowls.  I only had two large ones left and decided to use them in whatever I made for dinner.  Although our fridge seems a little empty but with free range eggs from a gentleman farmer near our house and a beautiful broccoli, quiche just seemed perfect.  I find the longer you have shallots the stronger the taste becomes so I chopped them and sauteed them in a little Safflower oil until beginning to brown, then added the broccoli to incorporate some of the flavour throughout.  I put the shallots and broccoli directly into a frozen pie shell, added feta cheese and the eggs, whisked with salt and pepper.  Popped it into a hot over and waited until the smell made its way in to the livingroom!  It turned out better than I thought, light and puffy with so much flavour!  I think not adding any liquid to the eggs helped to let the eggs keep their fluffiness.  Just before serving a shaved a little young Parmesan cheese on top.

What are your favourite taste combinations in quiche?

We had time to take a trip to Hy Hope Farms so I bought some more shallots.  
Versitile and flavourful!

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