Friday, 3 February 2012

Well That Was a Nice Way to Start 2012!

So I took a pledge to quilt more and then wham I got hit with Pink Eye (thanks for the gift kids!), then a bad head/sinus cold and then my Vertigo came back. Yikes.
I have been working on a Twister quilt with the Twister ruler.

I looked up images on Google to see what a finished quilt would look like and I ended up at Tamera Quilts blog. I still have to add a border then quilt it but the center blocks are done. I had issues with the borders, seams in weirdest places. Oh well!

Don't mind the dog hair!!!

Oh My! There's a lot of dog hair. Look at those weird seams!

I'm also taking a class at my local quilt store on "art" quilting. We have painted on fabric, used angelina fibers, and made some fabric out of threads, wool and ribbons between 2 sheets of Solvy™. There is a cool tutorial at Linda Matthews Creative Explorer website. Pictures of my projects to follow...


  1. Your twister quilt is looking good from here, despite (or because of?) the weird seams and dog hair!

  2. Hi there. I saw you over at the small blog meet. Your name intrigues me : )
    Sorry about the rough start to the year. bummer. anyway, happy quilting!

    1. Our blog name originates from the name of our house. The cottages on the same road as ours were all named. Our cottage was named Duck Inn because you had to duck under the pine trees to get to the cottage. Our house is named Wits End because we are usually at our wits end due to our jobs, dogs or your fill in the blank. :)

  3. hi Barb and Sharon, just popping over from the small blog meet! Love your twisted quilt, and I don't see any dog hair at all ;) That's just a little love from your fur pal. Your colors are so pretty. I hope to see it when it's all done.

  4. Great fabrics in your Twister! Once you make one Twister you are hooked, they are so much fun!