Sunday, 22 January 2012

My New Sewing Friends Will Eventually Need Names!

I'd like to introduce you to my 2 new sewing friends. I bought a Singer 301 off eBay and it came from St. John's Canada! It didn't have a case but it has a buttonholer, zigzag attachment, and several feet. It is a black machine and it only needed a new power cord, a tension spring and a bobbin winder rubber tire. I spent a little more than I had intended because I always thought if I was going to get one it would have to be luck and it wouldn't cost very much.
Here is the black 301 back from being serviced
A day or two after I took the machine in for servicing I looked on Kijiji and there it was... another Singer 301 for sale for $25.00!!! It also came with a sewing table and some "stuff".

Here she is out of the table. I don't thinks she has ever bee cleaned!

Yikes! Look at the dirt under there! I'm pretty sure this is a replacement bobbin case.
There was a rusty old broken case in a drawer and a second case that doesn't fit in the machine.
I also got a variety of bobbins but only one that fits this machine!
See I should have waited. Oh well now I have 2 Singer 301's. The new machine is the white and oyster coloured machine (not my favourite, although my Mum's Singer 401 was a white and oyster machine.) I have to take the second machine in for servicing because she needs a new bobbin winder rubber tire, it's falling apart but I need to find a beige one. There was A LOT of thread wrapped around the bobbin case (the bobbins weren't wound properly) and I'd like her to have a once over before I sew on her.

Last summer I picked up a piece of sewing furniture that was originally made in Toronto, Canada. It goes with the table that my Grandmother's Featherweight (221) fits in. So I bought it to use as my side table in my bedroom until I get a sewing room in the basement.
I need to figure out how to remove the tape residue without ruining the wood surface.

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