Sunday, 22 January 2012

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge for January

Okay here goes! I received my email directing me to watch the video for January. I watched it several times, and practised on my iPad on a drawing app. Then I went to my Designer 1 and a quilt sandwich and tried my luck.

Attempt #1 Designer 1 and Konfetti thread
I am too small and a little tense!
On my first attempt I was a little shaky and I find as the machine motor goes faster my heart rate goes faster and I move faster. This makes the back not so pretty when you turn the corners.

Attempt #2 Designer 1 and King Tut thread
I went to attempt number 2 and changed my thread. I got a little better and I even threw in a few loops! I really wasn't enjoying quilting on this machine. It feels like the foot is always up in the air. So I changed machines and went back to my old faithful my Lily 540!
Attempt #3 Lily 540 and Konfetti thread but zero on the dials!!!
Attempt number 3, I forgot how to use her for a few minutes so I dropped the feed dogs and turned all my dials to zero (length and ?)
Back of attempt #3!

Nope that's not what I was supposed to do on my Lily that's what I'm supposed to do on the Husqvarna 9" Mega quilter!!!! 
Attempt #4 Lily 540 and Konfetti thread.
My leaves are larger and I am more relaxed.
Oh Boy! So I put the dials back where they should be and tried again. Attempt number 4! I loaded some new thread a friend gave me to try. It is King Tut, I had never used it before.

Attempt #5 Lily 540 and King Tut thread.
I still need to work on my shapes but it is better and I am more relaxed.
Attempt number 5 and I think I got it!

My Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I need to re-pin it. It is too close to the leader fabric.
I am going to try it on the quilt loaded on my quilt frame. It is The Hungry Caterpillar and the leaf motif will go well on the coloured sashes etc.

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