Thursday, 29 December 2011

Purses - Handmade

I made a purse for my sister for her birthday. (June 20th entry) She had a lot of compliments so she asked me to make one for her best friend at work. Sharon picked out the colours of the fabric from the quilt store in Uxbridge, Ontario. Quilter's Cupboard,
Here's the finished bag!
ps016 Charm Party Tote by Penny Sturges @
The pocket is camouflaged against the front of the bag.

These are the pockets inside and the extra large snaps.

My Mum asked me to make one for her to use on her trip to France. She gave me the measurements for the plane and bus and we chose a pattern that would work for her. We chose the Miranda Day Bag from and the zipper closure and shoulder strap from The City Bag.
Here's my Mum's bag,

Ta Da! The colours will match Mum's clothes on her trip.
The top and bottom fabric are both quilted before cutting out.

This is the shoulder strap.

Here are the pockets and the zipper closure for security!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Yikes!!! I've Joined a Free Motion Quilting Challenge!!!!

I haven't been quilting very much lately. My job uses up a lot of my energy. I was checking out other quilt blogs and I came across a quilt challenge for free motion quilting so I am going to try it. There will be one technique a month starting January 1st. I will post my results.