Saturday, 13 August 2011

Super Quilter Acrylic Frame

Well I did it! I bought a second hand table quilting frame to machine quilt all my UFO's. I will have to practise for a while but I hope to learn quickly:)

I went out and bought folding table legs and some more "C" clamps (it only came with 2). Next I need to buy a flat door about 6 feet long to attach the legs to. This should be heavy enough to handle the vibration but light enough to be folded up and put away when I need to.

This is going to be a great way to use up that ugly fabric I bought years ago (what was I thinking?) and make them into dog beds!!

This is what the frame will look like when I get it up and organized.

The frame comes with rails that extend to king size quilts, not that I want to work on quilts that big!!! I work more on small wall hangings and double bed quilts.


  1. I have a Superquilter frame I purchased new in 2004 and have finally made the leap to Juki and cruise control, but now they tell me there at 2 different frames can anyone out there tell me which is which or how to tell the difference as it doesn't say in my instruction manual and I have been unable to get anyone at Superquilter to return my calls or my e-mails. STRESS level through the roof!! K Flagler

  2. I bought my Superquilter Frame second hand. It is all made from acrylic even the runners and fits on a table top. I can fit a wall hanging on my frame but will have to buy something longer to run the machine on if I want to quilt larger quilts. The person I bought it from said she pushed the runners along as she went. I bought a Gracie cruise control from a store clearing out it's merchandise. (it cost $10.00!) I haven't installed it yet but I hope to over the holidays. I think there is another company selling Superquilters because my paper work says it was made in Pickering, Ontario but the company has gone out of business.

  3. I have this quilter! I inherited it from my mom along with a Juki and handi handles to go with it. I have the acrylic rails but frequently do big quilts and pushing the rails along can be a pain. I use a wooden door molding from Home Depot as an alternate to the acrylic rails. I found one that fit the rollers exactly and had it cut to Queen size width for my bigger quilts. It works like a charm. I'm interested in talking with other folks quilting on this set up to get tips and share ideas.

    1. Hi i have just aquired this acrylic frame
      do you have any pictures that would show me how it goes together i purchased an acrylic table and thats as far as i got i sure would appreciate any help or pictures

  4. Hi I sold this machine and have moved on to an HQ Avante. If you go to this blog they have lots of photos of their frame which is a wooden version of the Super quilter. That should help with set up.

    I also have a picture at the end of this post,

  5. I too bought a frame second hand. Are there any books on quilting with a domestic machine on a frame email