Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Favourite Alternative Salad

This has to be my favourite "alternative" salad.  This is hearty, filling and so yummy and quick and easy!

Ingredients:  beets (cooked, peeled, cooled, chopped into bite size pieces)
                    green onion (chopped)
                    feta cheese (chopped into small pieces)
                    black pepper (to taste)
                    white balsamic vinegar (champagne vinegar works well too)
                    olive oil
                    couscous or quinoa

I don't have a recipe for this other than to say look at your ingredients and check to see if you think you have enough of each item, add more of something if you like.  I put the beets, green onion and feta in a bowl, sprinkle a little black pepper on top and then add the white balsamic and a little olive oil.  Mix everything up and taste.  If it is too sharp add a little more olive oil, too bland add a little vinegar.  Then I add the quinoa until I get a nice even mix of everything and if possible I like to let it sit in the fridge overnight so the flavours meld together.  Sometimes you might need to add more vinegar or oil.

This salad is so filling and flavourful we like to eat it all year round.  It's especially great in the middle of winter when you want something fresh tasting.  I know I have a hit on my hands when Barb says it her favourite too :)
Before the quinoa is added.

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