Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Blueberries are Busting Out All Over!

On our way out to the Clarington Farmer's Market last Sunday we decided to pop in to Wilmot Orchards in Newcastle. This year's blueberry season has been amazing - they are huge, sweet and delicious!  Last year we frozen blueberries and used them all winter long in pancakes, muffins, on top of yoghurt and as blueberry coulis on ice cream but they didn't last long enough!  We decided we better pick some up to replenish the freezer.  As we drove in we could see the blueberries on the bushes from the parking lot, they were amazing and not prepared to pick our own on this visit we purchased two baskets of beautiful blueberries.  Wilmot Orchards has a really nice little cafe called the Appleberries Cafe where we enjoyed oatmeal blueberry squares and blueberry lemonade, yummy yum yum.  We met a couple and their children who are members of the same CSA as us and after having a quick conversation about food, CSA's and more food we were on our way to our next destination but, not before snacking on a few blueberries on the way back to the car.

We'll be going back to Wilmot Orchards to get more blueberries.  They said they are hoping to have them until the end of August.  Maybe next time we'll make a morning of it and pick our own!

Check out their website:

Fresh blueberries picked this morning!

Washed and ready for eating, oops, I mean freezing!
Packaged up tight for the middle of winter!

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