Sunday, 26 June 2011

Home made Pizza

Yesterday Sharon and I went to our local Farmer's market to replenish our supply of vegetable. We bought beets, peas, strawberries (there is nothing better than local strawberries), zucchini... What we have noticed by eating in season and as locally as possible that the food tastes real, there is more flavour in the fruit and vegetables.

I was looking at the veg. that we already had at home and saw that some of the tomatoes looked like they wouldn't survive, so that means pizza! (or my tomato pie, keep coming back I'll be making that soon with all the varieties of heritage tomatoes at the market)

Tomatoes, red onion, zucchini
and scapes

Store bought pizza dough and it's white!!
I let it warm up and rise.

The green stuff in the bag is pureed garlic scapes from last year. We freeze it in small amounts in vacuum bags. We sometimes use that instead of basil in our pesto. But I forgot to mix in the pine nuts and parmesan cheese so it was just scapes on the dough.

It's a lot thicker than I usually make it.

I spread the scapes over the dough with my hands. Earlier I cooked the red onion orange pepper and zucchini ribbons in some oil and then I added a little balsamic vinegar. YUM! Then everything is placed around the pizza so that you get to taste everything on each slice. :)
I lightly sprinkled some parmesan cheese over the veg. as well as some crushed dried sweet basil before I put the mozarella ball on top. (The dried basil is left over from one of our winter CSA shares)
Peppers, onions and zucchini are all
spread over the garlic scapes.

Ready to go in the oven.

I have to tell you it tasted much better than it looks. I cut the pizza into small pieces so I can have more than one! It goes well with a beer or an ice tea. Sometimes I put fresh baby spinach on top at the very last minute to add more veg. or colour. Well here it is. What do you think?

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